Ride In Style At The Beach
Beach Cruiser Bikes

Beach Bikes

Just to make sure your cruiser bike is always in perfect riding condition, we offer the Forever Warranty to our customers. Simply add it to your order at check out. Our bikes are made for people everywhere, which is why we provide worldwide shipping. Find a beach cruiser that best fits your style today with Beachbikes.

Big Selection

Beachbikes makes finding the perfect bike for you easier than ever. Not only do we provide a variety of amazing bikes, but we offer professional service, easy returns and nationwide shipping. 

30 Minute Setup

Your beach cruiser arrives 85% assembled which mean that in about 30 minutes you can start riding around and enojoying the scenery. But, if you need any help we offer instructional assembly videos.


After ordering your bike from us, we'll assign you your own personal mechanic and ride specialist to answer any questions you have about your bike or to help you discover riding trails in your area.